im home.


im home.


so great. 

this is the best ending to a tour i could ever ask for. we see some friends, go visit some lakes, do some swimming and some rock jumping, and then head home. wonderful. here are some pics. and a video.


pretty terrific day so far. and right now we’re cooking up some steaks for a bbq, and then we’re gonna play a pizza parlor show here in tuscaloosa. 


and then a 30+ hour drive that i am entirely looking forward to…



this should’ve been posted a day or two ago. i totally forgot. but it is completely necessary.

look at this hilariously adorable little girl we saw at this restaurant in nashville!

hahaahahaha so delightful.



it was so great to hang out with long time friends and familiar faces kevin and susan. we had a wonderful night sleep and a blueberry muffin breakfast with them, followed by a terrific day at a lake near athens. here are some pictures.

it was so nice to have a day off and actually do something. we’ve all been wanting to hit up a swimming hole and haven’t yet this whole tour. the closest thing we had to it was the pool at out hotel in minneapolis… i was in there for maybe ten seconds before getting out cuz peter and jessica just kept making out the whole time. gross. 


gonna be home so soon. cant wait.


last show!

mehhh..  not great. not bad, but not great. 

it wasn’t the best, lets just say that. 

it was great to see kevin and susan, and have them hang out and take pictures and drink our beers and whatnot. 

the show was not that great, really not good. it was alright. i guess it was alright. the audience was pretty good. but they might’ve just been drinking a lot. i dont really know. anyhow.. last show with conor. kinda sad, but it’ll be good to head home. cant wait to see my dogs. 





this is a quick post cuz i dont have time to write a lot. cuz im hanging out with my friends KEVIN and SUSAN! hahaha jealous? chad? sue? hahaha

but here’s something i worked on while i didn’t have wifi for the last two days. enjoy.



horseback riding: 2


here are some sweet ass pictures from our sweet ass ride.

best idea ever: going horseback riding.

worst idea ever: going horseback riding with my huge camera. stupid. big mistake.


indiana = great.




horseback riding: 1


so conor cancelled our show in bloomington indiana. really a big bummer. so now we have two more days off and we’re just chillin in bloomington. eugene has been wanting to horseback ride so he and i did that. 

so great.

here’s a video:


i will post pictures soon. oh gosh.. so great. 





conors manager gabe just called, the show on monday in bloomington is cancelled and im pissed. ughhhh


dang it.

the bummer about days off is that there isn’t anything interesting to post or any shows to write about. also they suck because there’s nothing to do and it makes me miss everyone back home. so i went through and looked for some recent pictures that are good but had no place in any previous posts. enjoy:


1. lightning in philadelphia. i happened to snap some shots during the lightning, when one struck and lit up the sky. the contrast is pretty sweet.

2. the name of one of mine and sarah’s cab drivers in mew york.

3. peter eating some peanut butter filled pretzel bites from trader joe’s on the banks of some river. cambridge i think.

4. peter. reading. detroit.

5. this house was kinda wierd, it had a red light in the window on in the middle of the night, like 2am, in pittsburgh. it looks fake in the photo. it was like a 2 second exposure cuz it was pitch black out. 

6. hahah.. this little boy was posing for pictures under the bull near wall street, new york. rubbin it’s balls.